Inside a cuckoo’s head!


For obstinate, amassing teenagers who need to experience every bit of the myriad elements which are weaved into our intricate web of life; whose heads are full of a million questions, one simple yet tangled question remains persistent,

What truly is living?

Quotes by famous artists, from nominated movies, from books provide interim solace but hardly answer the question.
Is the answer lurking within the busy streets of a metropolitan city, hidden by verdant boundaries of a village, drifting amongst water-bodies, passing by the sapphire sky, or sewn in a sweater from Grandma?

To find an answer to a question that’s as confronting and vast as life itself, is hard for a timid teenager like me.
But just like any other pig-headed adventurist, I won’t give up nimbly on my pursuit to find the essence of living.

So, this is an account of my journey to search for answers.


2 thoughts on “Inside a cuckoo’s head!

  1. This is so… Silent yet profound. I feel you. Being washed up in a huge crowd, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb but you still want to have presence. It’s difficult to do that.

    But it’s possible. 🙂


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