All this bad blood here

Another aphotic wintry night.
I lay still in my bed.

With a million questions pivoting my head.
Why did Rosemary have to break Gabe’s heart?
Why didn’t Rosemary Woodhouse kill her baby if he was the Antichrist?
If Nina didn’t stab herself, wouldn’t her life have been wonderful?
Why did Maggie have to die and leave Seth right after he turned into a human for her?
(Yes, I’m a T.V person.)
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why was I a lonely, tormented, bullied soul?

I’m pretty sure there’s no rational answer to any of these question.
It portrays a morose image of life, sometimes.
About how there’s limited white paint to illuminate this blue life.

In this world, the darkness of a human mind overcomes the light of his heart.

The world is like a steak, seasoned with malice, gluttony, lust and sorrow; with a sauce of sympathy, and love in a small bowl to the side.
No matter the quantity of the sauce we dip the meat in, the acerbic seasoning overcomes the saccharine sauce.

I guess life’s unfair. So, horrible things do happen to good people.

But, I’d like to believe there’s someone superior, who makes sure good people get what they deserve.
He’s the Artist, the Chef and the Creator of all things that were born to love.

And I told myself – Keep loving, Keep hoping. Keep yourself happy.
Cause someone’s with you, and ready to accept and forgive all your sins.
Above all, He’d not leave your side. *No Matter What*

And wait.
Good things come to those who wait.


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