Waiting for Superman

“She’s all laid up in bed with a broken heart”
For the First Time – The Script

The frigidity of the coldest season in the year crept into my blanket.
I crouched, to keep myself warmer.

Everytime I blinked, a horrendous scene flashed before my eyes.
My ears played the sound of their malignant voices.

My optimism was no match to their pessimism. The screaking echo that said, “You’re gonna be fine.”  was dying.
Finally, my heart gave out. The wounds I’d been hiding, were finally exposed.

I had a feeling that I knew how this would affect me. It’d be like the reaction of Silver and Hydrogen Sulphide; slow but inevitably destructive.

I wanted it to go away. The helplessness. The sadness. The pain.

Something leaped onto my bed. I was too sad to be scared.
I pulled my covers down.
Leo was over me.

His big eyes met my squint watery eyes.
He squealed and barked.

He licked the tears off my face. Actually, he licked my whole face.
I smiled. “Get off me, Leo.”
He didn’t. He took my hand in his mouth, and pulled it, by which he asked me to sit up on the bed.

His tail wagged whilst I got the covers off my and sat up.
He settled on the mattress; sitting tall and bold.

He looked at me, with love and worry in his dark eyes.
I put my hands around him, and weeped.

He didn’t move even for a second.
He didn’t care that his coat got soggy even though he hated water.
He didn’t bother losing his nap time.
He didn’t mind me doing this twice or thrice a week.

Nobody has ever loved me the way he does
Nobody has looked after me the way he does.
Nobody has cared for me the way he does.

He is my superman. He didn’t save me from villains or pocket pickers (but he could). He saved from a night where I’d be a victim of my own mind.

He stayed with me that night, and I could hear the echo louder than before. The wounds were starting to close up again.
Calmness spread over me.

If it weren’t for Leo, I wouldn’t have known what love and happiness was.
He’s the angel Lord has assorted to look after me.
And I can’t thank Him enough for that.


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